The CSR Academy

A one-year programme to become a happier, healthier business.

I take all the thinking off your desk and help you build a stronger team and reputation.

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"Brilliant - it's empowered the whole team - dentists, hygienists, nurses, receptionists, even the cleaner are now doing things towards one goal."

James Goolnik - Bow Lane Dental


The CSR Academy Stages

1 - Foundation

You'll get clarity and direction as we take a look at the vision and commitments for your CSR. Clients say they feel encouraged and inspired as they are reminded of why they started the business, and re-connect with their vision and passion.

2 - Engagement

I'll get your team excited and engaged in how they can make a difference in the business. We'll motivate them as they choose environmental and fundraising activities, and build trust as we share the new commitments you're making to CSR. They will go away feeling empowered, engaged and aligned with your vision.

3 - Implementation

I'll make sure your plan works. I'll support, coach and encourage your Champion. Your message internally and externally will be clear, you'll see regular but managed changes to improve and strengthen the way that people feel about coming to work. Towards the end of your Academy journey, I'll help you plan for the next year and build on your success.


How much is a lack of team engagement costing you? How many potential customers are you losing because they cant see that you're a responsible business? How much appointment time is empty or sales are lost because your team aren't invested.

A lack of purpose and responsibility may already be costing you a great deal.

Joining The CSR Academy will change that.


Frequently Asked Questions

Your Questions Answered

What’s my time investment?

2 x 1-hour meetings in the first 2 months, then 10 x 45 minute Skype Calls with your ‘Champion’ once a month.

What’s my financial investment?

Membership of the CSR Coach Academy is £450 per month (inclusive of any sales tax) for 12 months.

What’s involved?

There is a carefully planned sequence of activities designed to lead you to CSR excellence at a manageable and engaging pace over 12 months.

Where is the Academy?

All stages of the Academy process are delivered at your premises or online, at times to suit you and your team.

When can I join?

Academy members can join during any month of the year. The Academy cohorts are strictly limited in size to ensure that each member receives the right level of support, coaching and practical assistance.


Have confidence in your investment

I know you'd like to get a sense of what the CSR Academy looks like in practice. I understand that you want to know what to expect.  I've listed a few of my very favourite clients below. What makes our process unique is that we don’t just deliver a plan, we take you and your people step by step through a process to grow your leadership, your team and your business.


"Since Elleven’s foundation, we have always partnered with charity, in our case the Smile Train. We’ve also wanted to do the very best for our team. After nearly 10 years it was time to review and refocus, as well as widen our support and get greater buy-in from the team. We wanted to ensure we were covering the all-important environmental aspects. Going through the process was very positive. Mark is a great coach and has engaged the whole team and made CSR so much fun!"

Sameer Patel - Elleven Dental


“Working with Mark has been brilliant because we can now see a pathway going forward. He managed to strengthen the things we were doing already but also show us some areas that we could also work with. I don’t think we’d have been able to branch into new areas without his help because it would have just been just overwhelming and too much to do. 
"For anybody who’s interested in doing good through your business, and if you need any assistance, you need to give Mark a call because he has a view on this that the guys inside of dentistry don’t have.”

Colin Campbell - The Campbell Clinic 

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