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6 factors to create greater leadership confidence

Join me for free live online training or replay with straightforward and immediately implementable input to increase your leadership confidence in just 60 minutes.

It's hard enough being a leader when the world is normal. 2020 created a landscape in which we have all been challenged - leaders and business owners along with the rest.

Leading a team may not even be a role that you ever wanted. You don't see yourself as 'natural leader’. You’re now wondering how on earth you can learn what you need to when there aren't enough hours in the day and you don't know where to start.

You’d love some help, but what should you read, and how do you make sure your time investment pays off immediately?


Imagine if you could acquire the knowledge you need to lead effectively, and have the support you need to put what you learn into practice?

I have been in your shoes. I know what it’s like to lead in difficult times and step up when you don't feel equipped. Without any formal leadership training, I’ve successfully led teams for 20+ years and developed my leadership knowledge and skills in the field. And I’ve distilled the things I’ve learned into an accessible programme to help people like you.


This free training session will outline six solid steps to grow your confidence:

  1. A solid Personal Leadership rhythm - daily, weekly, monthly and longer rhythms to ensure you are leading yourself well.

  2. An understanding of the difference between, and the power of, clear vision, mission, strategy, and delivery for your team.

  3. How to establish, build and protect a positive, high-performance culture.

  4. Effective communication - from 1:1 conversation to talks to your team and a wider audience.

  5. Team leadership - gold standard onboarding, continual inspiration, effective delegation, successful conflict resolution, getting your people on or off the bus and situational leadership.

  6. Leading individuals - connecting, coaching, running 1:1s, handling poor performance, having difficult conversations. 

Plus - attendees will have Early bird access to the Leadership Confidence Club - a 10 week leadership development course for dentistry which starts again in September. 

If you want to feel more confident as a leader - register now for the live teaching or replay.

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