I'm currently helping clients and new clients to navigate the complexities of CSR in 2020. If you need help, contact me now. You can access your free resources below.

CSR in Lockdown - Connecting with your t

Connecting with your team

Free PDF to ensure you rebuild with a strong team

Covid-19 Resources - Leading with purpos

Leading with purpose

Free PDF to help you lead yourself and your team through a crisis.

CSR in Lockdown - What to Post on SM.jpg

What to say on Social Media

A simple framework to help you continue to connect authentically with your community.

CSR in Lockdown - Connecting with your t

Difficult Conversations

How to prepare, plan and have difficult conversations with your team.

Lockdown CSR Video Series

What are the responsible small businesses doing in response to COVID-19? I offer three things that my clients are implementing as ideas, plus interviews with key opinion leaders.

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