The Creed Explained

A practical mission statement framework for the 'Start with Why' generation.

The Creed process is:

  • Time efficient - just answer my questions on our exploratory call

  • Easy to implement - I will give you all the messages you need, explain when and how to use them, and coach you through the presentation of them to your team

  • Structured and effective - we follow a process of review and support to ensure that the messages take root, and you feel confident using them.

Over the past 3 years, I have used my 20+ years of experience as a leader and communicator, and combined it with an understanding of the ancient elements of storytelling to help clients identify their purpose, engage their team, and build a more successful business.

Copy of CREED - Project Composition (3).

What are the Creed Components?

There are 5 components to the Creed:

  1. Identity - What you do - the change you bring to the world that makes a difference to others. This usually starts 'We...'

  2. Purpose - the reason behind what you do and why it matters. It should answer the question 'Why is what you do important?' Usually starts with 'Because...' or 'When...' or 'If...'

  3. Destination - Where you are trying to get to, what you're trying to achieve. The Destination Statement is a picture of a point in the future when all your plans have been realised. The Destination Goal is the most important thing to achieve in the next time period towards this Statement. 

  4. Commitments - The behaviours and values that you commit to as a team. These are actionable words or phrases that are repeated and rewarded.

  5. The Path - The specific things you need to do consistently to achieve your vision. This changes each time you create a new Destination Goal.


How will I use the Creed?

The Creed forms the foundation for the overarching communications in your team. Together, they are a powerful framework to ensure that everyone understands what you're all about as a business, where you're headed and what's expected of them.

We provide you with the initial coaching on how to use the components, as well as a simple checklist to ensure the messages are repeated consistently in your various communications - emails to team, team meetings, reviews and the like. You will have complete confidence that your communication is on track and creating significant momentum.


What is the process?

With the Creed process, I take all of the thinking off your desk.

The only work I ask of you is to answer my questions during our calls, which are planned at a time to suit you.
I’ll need you to reflect and comment honestly on the content I create, and I will need you to commit to keeping the messages alive and using the framework.


'Creating your Business Creed' is a 6 month package to ensure that you have not only the right messages, but also the right support and accountability. I will coach you through each step.

Stage 1

Exploration call - 1 hour chat with me, going through a series of questions designed to elicit the information I need to identify what makes you unique.

Writing the first draft, building the framework

Reviewing and agreeing together.

Stage 2

Team engagement exercise - I will set you up with the briefing you need to engage the team, and coach you through the best way to present it

We’ll have a Review Call to discuss the session and plan the next steps.

Stage 3

Two more Review Calls will ensure that you are staying on track and that your Business Creed is taking root.


Start Now

So now you face a choice. 

You can double down on the command and control approach, on the assumption that you just need more or stricter controls to solve your team issues. Or you can invest in identifying, communicating and aligning your business with an authentic higher purpose that underpins your success. If you succeed in doing the latter, your team will be more innovative, more engaged, take risks, and make a contribution that may surprise you.

Start the journey now towards:

  • A more inspired, engaged and successful team

  • A more productive and positive culture

  • Greater clarity and achievement on a daily basis for everyone in your business

  • An edge on the competition

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