Your CSR Foundation Session

What to expect

I’m looking forward to your CSR Foundation Session.

The chat will take around 60-90 minutes, and is fairly relaxed and informal. There is an agenda, but we may skip around it and discuss things as the discussion flows.


There is little preparation for you to do, other than to think through some of the questions below. I will run through an environmental audit with you, where we will answer various questions on your current practice. We’ll do the same with the People and Community aspects, benchmarking your current position against the Gold Dental CSR standards which we’ll be working towards.


1. Foundation knowledge - I’ll take you through 10-15 minutes of the key information that will be important to bear in mind as we move forward - the evidence base for the approach we take and the key principles and agreements we will need to recognise in order to succeed.

2. Value questions - we’ll have a discussion of the current values of the organisation, the team etc. This helps me to get a sense for how to talk and write about you when it comes to CSR. 

3. Commitments - we’ll discuss the scope of the commitments the business will need to make. This helps me in a similar way to item 2, and also provides the context for the team engagement session in February.

4. Gold Standard run through - we’ll run through the current position with the environment, people, community & current communications. 

5. Team engagement session - a brief discussion of how best to structure the team engagement session.

If you’ve any questions at all just let me know. Otherwise, I look forward to seeing you soon.


07462 550531

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