Larry Fink - Blackrock

"No issue ranks higher than climate change"


Across the globe, investors are seeking to de-risk the portfolio of companies they invest with and are now actively looking to back companies that will thrive as part of the low-carbon trajectory. BlackRock’s chief executive Larry Fink wrote to businesses at the start of 2021 to warn them that “no issue ranks higher than climate change”

In the public and private sectors, the pressure from consumers and users is building on organisations to pay far more than lip service to their environmental, social and ethical responsibilities.

So whether you are a Private Equity funded group, a multi-academy trust or simply a business that wants to respond to the sustainability & responsibility challenge, we can help.


How we can help

The process we employ brings together what we’ve learned in 25+ years of international team and organisational leadership with the very best research and data on sustainability, team and consumer expectations to create a proven way for businesses, teams and communities to succeed. By caring for their people, protecting the environment and contributing to their community.

It follows the principles and guidance of ISO:26000:2010 where appropriate, uses the ICRS (Institute of Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability) framework and reports on SASB guidelines. It examines the business stance in a number of areas, and then builds these into the communications and marketing strategy to appropriately communicate to various stakeholders.  If desired, it will help you to work towards B-Corp status.