The Leadership Confidence Club

If you are genuinely ready to commit to building your leadership confidence, skills and knowledge, then the Leadership Confidence Club is for you.

The Leadership Confidence Club will help you to not only navigate the uncertain landscape ahead but will also equip you with skills that will last a lifetime. It’s a 12 week programme which will provide you with straightforward, implementable content to increase your level of leadership confidence. You’ll be better equipped to tackle your role, and you’ll feel more confident about doing so.


Imagine if you could acquire the knowledge you need to lead effectively, and have the support you need to put what you learn into practice?

I have been in your shoes. I know what it’s like to lead in difficult times and step up when you don't feel equipped. Without any formal leadership training, I’ve successfully led teams for 20+ years and developed my leadership knowledge and skills in the field. And I’ve distilled the things I’ve learned into an accessible programme to help people like you.


6 steps to greater confidence

The Leadership Confidence Club will build your confidence in six steps over 12 weeks:

Self Leadership

Master the daily, weekly, monthly and longer rhythms you need to ensure you are leading yourself well.


Gain an understanding of the difference between, and the power of, clear vision, mission, strategy, and delivery for your team.


How to establish, build and protect a positive, high-performance culture.


From 1:1 conversation to talks to your team and a wider audience, learn the keys to structuring effective communication and the frameworks to ensure it lands.

Leading Teams

The importance of humility and example, gold standard onboarding, continual inspiration, effective delegation, successful conflict resolution, getting your people on or off the bus and situational leadership.

Leading Individuals

Connecting, coaching, running 1:1s, handling poor performance, having difficult conversations.


‘As a leader, Mark's proven competency and impeccable character earn my highest recommendation.’

Bob Newsome - Commercial Director, Quadralene Ltd


There's a daily personal and business cost when you leave your leadership confidence level low. It’s no fun to feel like you're not doing the best for yourself or your people. And in this economy, the stakes are higher than ever.

What if you could increase your confidence? What impact would that have on your ability and skills as a leader, how much difference could it make for your team and the effectiveness of your business?


'Mark is an amazingly talented trainer, consultant, coach and mentor.’

Chris Barrow - Business Coach, Author


What is the Leadership Confidence Club?

The first 2021 Club is now full and closed for registrations.

  1. A 60 minute, weekly live online interface with me and other members, where I’ll teach content, respond to questions, and explain the task for the week - directly related to the session content

  2. Member’s Podcast released immediately afterwards so you can listen to the content on the go

  3. An online reflective journal to record your progress and share your questions

  4. A simple task to complete each week that will directly build your leadership confidence

  5. Access to me for advice via email and phone

  6. Weekly resource and book recommendations

All this for an investment of just £333 per month for 3 months.

Register your interest

The next Leadership Confidence Club will start in May. Make sure you are sure to receive the details first by submitting your contact info here.


07462 550531

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