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3 reasons why you might just need a CSR Coach

Why do I need a CSR Coach? I already do a fair bit for good causes…

You may be surprised to learn that most of the people I work with are already invested in the social responsibility arena. Some of them in fact, have initiatives that donate 5 figure sums each year, and have done so for several years.

They have a strong set of values that they outwork both in their teams, the way they treat patients, and relate to good causes.

They demonstrate a commitment by donating from the business to good causes, and taking environmental decisions which aren’t profit driven.

And they have also seen the value for the business of CSR in their team morale & reputation, although this is never their initial motivation.

Sounds great? So why do they need me?

There are three big wins for owners in this position, and it’s a delight to bring some shape to their passion:

Rationalise what they ‘do’

I often find that after a few years, giving and volunteering has lost focus. This is absolutely irrelevant for an individual donor. Although I might argue that rather than trying to do everything we should focus on making a bigger difference in one area. But in a business, the evidence points to finding and focusing on good causes that make sense to your staff and patients is key. So I often shift some of the peripheral commitments out of the business and into the personal arena.

Reconnect with ‘Why’

It’s a powerful exercise to reconnect the owner with their ‘Why’. We revisit what was behind them starting or buying their business, what’s important to them in how they run it, and treat the people that are involved. Very often my client’s teams will know that the boss ‘does some charitable things’, but have never understood the story behind it. By making the values and vision behind the commitment more accessible, staff become far more engaged.

Structure the ‘What’

Like any aspect of the business, Social and Environmental Responsibility needs a plan. It also needs management, measurement, and accountability – if it is going to pay off for the team, the chosen good causes, and the business. The calendar, plans, reviews, advice, communications and accountability mechanisms I put in place help to achieve this.

“Vision without action is merely a dream. Action without vision just passes the time. Vision with action can change the world.” Joel A. Barker (from the Japanese proverb)

Working with people where there is a ‘blank slate’ is good fun. But there’s also a great satisfaction for me in harnessing and reorganising someones existing passions and helping then to make it fly. How can I help you?

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