• Mark Topley

A different kind of holiday

The time is almost upon us, and at some point today most of us will down tools for a few days off to enjoy the festivities that surround the celebration of Christmas.

The Christmas break is unique. Almost everyone I know will be off work for several days. Other than my friends who work in the emergency services, hospitals and the like, and of course my dear Dad – a dairy farmer for almost 40 years. Theirs is a different kind of holiday period, and one I remember well from my childhood and my wife Jo’s time as a nurse.

But most people will be off – very little email coming in, very little happening. It’s like the whole country takes a collective pause, an exhausted long breath out, and settles into an enforced, slower pace for a few days.

I do love holidays because they provide that opportunity to not be thinking about what you’re always thinking about. The change of pace, the disruption to routine, are for me, where creativity and reflection can really come from.

But Christmas is different, because there’s a lot of time with people…. a lot of time with friends and family, time spent travelling – it can be pretty busy. And as an introvert who needs his alone time, I will be making sure I get the dog out every day for a good long walk and some quiet space to recharge the batteries.

So for me, it’s not necessarily the lack of things going on, but a break in the day to day routine, the predictability of life, that mean that perspective, new ideas, new decisions can come, and with a New Year just 10 days away, that perspective is welcome.

The new business and the work I’ve started in the latter part of this year means I have plenty to think about. I love it – generating creative ideas around how to achieve great things are what make me tick. Whether its my existing clients or the ones I am starting with in the New Year, I fully expect the break will have me buzzing with ideas after a few days.

So, after the unplug, the unwind, the celebration, I’ll be regathering myself for what’s next, expecting the ideas to flow, and making sure I am armed with a notebook to capture it.

Merry Christmas!

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