• Mark Topley

A New Chapter

After a great deal of reflecting and chatting with friends this summer, I decided my time was up with Bridge2Aid.

The past 13 years have been an incredible personal and professional adventure, and I will always be grateful for the memories, people, experiences and family that life in Tanzania gave me.

As it became clear it was time to go, it also became clear that I didn’t want to just find another organisation to work for. All my career I have worked for other leaders to help them achieve their vision and make sure that it was delivered well. My role with Bridge2Aid went one step further with me as CEO for 7 years, but it was essentially Ian & Andie Wilson’s vision, with myself and the team developing, shaping and delivering it.

What I do well is to turn vision into reality, and for me, now is the time that I want to switch gears and help as many people and organisations as possible.

And so my new business was born. You’ll see from the site that there are two things I do:

I help non-profits get clear, get focussed and get organised for impact (more on that in the next post).

I help dental businesses get maximum impact and value from their corporate social responsibility.

A good CSR policy can have a major, positive effect on the health of your business, and create huge value for the charity you choose to work with. The work I have done with companies and dental practices of all sizes has been a significant highlight. I have seen some great things happen when people commit to a cause outside the business in an organised and integrated way. There are huge wins all round:

  1. For the profile of the business in its community

  2. For the charity chosen, who benefit from funding, time and expertise

  3. For the morale and wellbeing of the team.

At Bridge2Aid, I loved that we gave work colleagues a vehicle to make memories together. I also made quite a few myself!

But I also saw efforts that were short lived, un-coordinated, and failed. Not because there wasn’t a genuine motivation, but because there wasn’t sufficient thought and experienced planning behind it to make sure that there was maximum impact and value.

So having seen how well good CSR does work, I am passionate advocate for making more of it happen. I want to inspire more businesses and practices discover the benefits of great charity engagement, and how simple it can be if it’s planned well. I also want to see the wide range of causes people are passionate about gain as much help as possible

I’m excited about the next chapter, and the using the resources, expertise and experience I’ve gained over the past 20+ years to give businesses impact and value from their CSR.

If you’d like to find out more, have a look around the site to see how I work, or contact me now for a conversation. And I’d love it if you could like my Facebook page.

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