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A New Year Post

The ‘make 2018 your best year yet’ blogs and posts have been around for a couple of weeks now. My timeline has been full of the Year Review tools and planners that promise to help you make next year better than this one. And as the end of 2017 now rapidly approaches, I, like you I hope, have been celebrating Christmas with friends and family and looking forward to what the New Year holds.

It’s often at times like these when we celebrate, that we realise how fortunate we are. As well as a healthy, loving and energy filled family and a most incredible set of close friends, I am grateful for a year that has seen me start a new chapter in my work life and work with some amazing people. Pausing this Christmas to reflect on the many things I have to be thankful for has certainly deepened my sense of gratitude. And at this time of year I’m also always encouraged by a the memory of one person’s response in a similar situation.

I was at an awards ceremony a couple of years ago. A gathering place for people who have worked hard and done great things, hoping to have that achievement recognised in some way. A person I’ve know for a while sought me out for a chat. ‘We’ve had a great year, and I want to give something back’ she said. The practice she worked at were shortlisted for a prestigious team award, and it was really clear to me that they thoroughly deserved it – they had worked very hard, and the hallmarks of a great team were clear to see. But it was her motivation to use that place of celebration as a platform to help others that really inspired me.

‘At times of celebration we reflect on what we’re grateful for, and that’s a great springboard to do something for others.’

I know that in a couple of days time you’ll be thinking about what you’ll do differently in 2018. Why not use the year to embark on something you’ve been putting off, and think about how you can engage your workplace in doing something amazing for charity?

It could be volunteering your time – either on a consistent basis to a local project or even overseas on a short term volunteering programme (and I know some good ones!). You could use that resolution to get fit as a springboard to joining with others to take in a sponsored event. Or think about how you can use your relationship with your customers or patients to raise money. There are lots of ways, and hundreds of activity ideas, and if you’d like some help, I’d be happy to suggest some for your business.

Whatever you choose to do, start now. Whilst you have the space and time to reflect on what you really want to do next year – make the commitment.

Thanks for reading, for your support and interest this year. A very Happy 2018.

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