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CSR – the ‘glue’ that holds your Team Engagement together

This month’s posts have been all about employee engagement, and why it’s something you should really should pay attention to.

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For a long time now business has been about getting the ’nuts and bolts’ sorted out (financial management, operational systems, marketing plans, sales pipeline etc, etc…). Efficiencies have been squeezed from these areas in most businesses until there’s little more to gain.

Smart businesses are recognising that rather than focussing on the ‘nuts and bolts’ again, the real gains now come from employee productivity through engagement.

Why Team Engagement?

Why make the effort? Primarily, because it’s good for business. Gallup found that engaged employees generate 120% of their salary , are 57% more effective, and 87% less likely to leave. Companies with good engagement are 12% more profitable and 18% more productive than their competitors.

What you can do

We looked at the things that you can and should do to engage your team – set clear expectations and boundaries, encourage creativity, autonomy, mastery and purpose. You should prioritise recognition and reward systems, and provide a positive work environment.

One of the things I love about using structured CSR for employee engagement is how effective it is, with very little ‘extra’ effort. In my approach, CSR is 90% about how you do what you already do differently, and just 10% about new ‘stuff’.

Bringing it all together

Quite simply, there is no better overarching strategy I have found for employee that CSR. And here’s why…

  1. It provides a strong ‘Why’ in the core of the business that goes beyond doing great work or making a profit. People are increasingly looking for purpose and meaning in their work. Commitment to, and activity for the community and good causes provides a strong bridge between business and personal values.

  2. Fundraising and volunteering activity is a great team builder with an added purpose and outcome. It also provide significant personal development opportunities. One of my clients uses the organisation of CSR activities during work time as a vehicle for professional development, particularly with junior staff.

  3. Volunteering gives people an increased sense of freedom, recognition and self esteem.

  4. Connecting with the work of good causes helps people to think bigger, and a focus on others fosters gratitude

And finally, it just feels good..! A friend with 20+ year’s experience in dentistry who embarked on a long-distance bike ride last year sums it up well:

“I have witnessed at first hand the effect that supporting good causes can have on a dental team. During our 1,000 mile bike ride we called at practices across the country. Each time we were also able to take part in photography and video that will form part of the practice Corporate Social Responsibility campaign.

“The effect this has on the team and on the patients is palpable and positive, identifying the practice as one whose care goes beyond oral health and beyond profit.”

So, what are you waiting for? To get you started, download my free ’60 minute CSR plan’ by entering your email address in the form on the right of this page. It’s a quick lunchtime read, and will get you off and running in developing your structured CSR plan.

Take the first step and download our free ’60 Minute CSR Plan’ – a simple guide to getting your first plan in place.

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