• Mark Topley

Helping your charity events to succeed

An interesting thing happens almost every time I work with a new client. They typically have one thing in common – they want to do good, and are looking for ways to use their business to do so.

As we start to discuss CSR, one of the first things people want to talk about is what they could ‘do’ together to raise money.

Although I can understand the impulse, there are a few reasons that starting with ‘do’ could cause them not to succeed.

Events in isolation have no roots

Think about your marketing. It’s unlikely that you would just run an advert or create a piece of collateral without knowing what you wanted to get out of the spend. In particular, what problem or issue you’re trying to solve. You’d identify your aim, settle your rationale, create measures for ROI, and then decide how you will get the message across.

CSR is no different. The reason why a lot of stand alone charity events fail to succeed is because they aren’t rooted in a clear and compelling enough ‘Why? for the team.

How to make it work

To increase the chances of your event, and indeed your CSR work succeeding:

  1. Start with Why – why is it important for you as the business owner or leader that you raise this money? What difference will it make?

  2. Then who you want to BE – giving your team a sense of identity by stating what your values are around CSR will help them to both understand your motivation, and give them vision they can get behind

  3. Then what you will DO – now the activity is chosen, planned, and delivered

  4. In order to HAVE the results you are after

To get real results from your CSR – remember Be x Do = Have, but starts with Why? Events in isolation won’t do it.

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