• Mark Topley

Sprints are Unsustainable

You see it most years when the London Marathon runs - an enthusiastic amateur sprints like crazy to keep up with the elite group. They might manage a few metres until they realise - for them, the pace is unsustainable.

Sprints are not sustainable, and yet I met a lot of people last week who are still sprinting through the pandemic. Eighteen months in, they've failed to realise that they can't (and don't actually need to) keep up the pace they needed before.

They need to find their cruise gear.

Maybe they're still checking their phone into the evening, or first thing in the morning.

Maybe they're still not making time for hobbies and the replenishing things they love.

Maybe they're still self-medicating with a glass of something every night of the week 'so they can sleep better'.

I know because I've been there before myself. We carry on in crisis mode when the height of the crisis has actually passed.

Maybe it's time to stop the sprint and change gear. Find a pace that is sustainable, one where you can breathe, make time for fun, look after yourself.

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