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Three Reasons a ‘MAD’ plan is a great idea

Against almost impossible odds, you and I made it! 

In her now famous TedX talk, a very funny self-help author called Mel Robbins talks about the probability of us being born as around 1 in 400 Trillion. Turns out that may be conservative as this post points out  (see what happens when the maths geeks get to work…)

Whatever the number, we can all agree that the fact that we’re here, and that for most of us, we’re living in a prosperous country, with a roof over our heads and food on the table most nights, makes us pretty fortunate.

It’s interesting what people do with that level of fortune. And it’s true that material wealth definitely doesn’t dictate your level of happiness and fulfilment. As John Milton said – “the mind is it’s own place, and as such can make a hell of heaven, and a heaven of hell.”

Most people want to live a grateful life, and it’s clear that gratitude, rather than circumstance, is the key factor in happiness. Check out this Scientific American article for a great run down on the science.

Making a Difference in the world, is the hands and feet of your gratitude.

This month, I’ll share some of the simple ways you can put your gratitude to work in your business so that EVERYONE benefits, by creating a Make a Difference or MAD plan.

Today, I’m kicking off with three reasons why you should. I’m guessing that if you’re still reading, then you may not need persuading, and you’re keen to get to the ideas, but here goes anyway (and you’ll have to wait till next week).

1. Motivation

Gone are the days when a green Mr Motivator strutted his stuff on Breakfast TV (am I showing my age?). Look around and you’ll see that we’re all looking for something much more intrinsic, something from within to get us in the groove. Getting your business and your team involved in MAD activities is motivating for the team in two ways . Of course – in and of itself, doing something good has a positive impact on your wellbeing. But it also rubs off into other areas, and with the right approach, you’ll find yourself with a happier, more engaged and productive team.

2. Authenticity

Imagine I’m a potential customer. I want someone I can trust for my treatment. I want a team that I can see cares beyond the customer service slogans, and that are quite simply good people – people I like and people like me.

What do you stand for, and how do I know? 

You’ll have read me bang on about this many times before. In the midst of a crowded market place, where everyone has a flashy website and makes statements about how good they are, proving your authenticity is crucial. And demonstrating you do what you say you will when it comes to MAD is a powerful part of differentiating your business as one of the good guys. Good to do business with, trustworthy – a team with integrity.

3. It feels good!

How do you ‘know’ that you’re living out that commitment to be a grateful person? By making a difference. Having a MAD plan in place means that you will continually scratch that itch to ‘give back’. It will motivate and inspire your team (and probably your patients too). It helps people to see clearly what you stand for personally, and as a business. And if feels good. And you shouldn’t feel guilty about it!

Next week – we’ll get into the key ingredients to your MAD plan.

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