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Ways to Make a Difference – Part 2 – Money

February’s Blogs are about Making a Difference  – why you want to, and & how you can, so that everyone benefits.

So you’ve got fundraising and volunteering in your MAD plan. What other gems are there that will get your MAD results to gold standard?

Firstly – donations. The obvious one is money.

Show me the money

But how much, and how often? And how do you make the most of your donations? Here are some simple ways to make sense of your financial commitments to good causes.


I’ve had clients that have donated a percentage of profit or turnover to charity. This is a very simple way to ensure that your giving is consistent. Whether you choose to support one project, or make quarterly donations to the good causes you’ve identified, fixing a percentage makes it easy for your finance manager to separate the charity funds.

The community fund

A great way to get your team motivated around the business’ giving is to create a community fund. You set aside an amount each month, and your charity team decide who to give it to. Most of my clients do this, and use it as a way of meeting the smaller needs that come through the letterbox each month that would really benefit from £50, £100 or £150.

Donate the cost of a treatment

On the private side, I have worked with many people who have donated the cost of a given treatment annually to the charity pot. The patient pays the usual fee (perhaps slightly discounted) and in some cases the lab or implant company may donate as well, so that the maximum amount goes to charity.

Go with your gut

You can also pluck a figure out of the air. There really isn’t a consistent way that I’ve seen to do this. Some people go with their gut feel, or keep the figure confidential.

The really clever way to generate funds that MAD is the stuff that happens without you having to thing about it.


Whilst I was working with Bridge2Aid, Lloyds bank approached us to establish a new fundraising scheme. Dentists were encouraged to switch credit card providers to Lloyds, and receive discounted handset rental and a competitive rate. The charity received a small percentage of every credit or debit card transaction. Each month, this added up to thousands of pounds at no cost to the patient or the practice – I’d love to see more of this sort of thing happening.

Fee per item

Finally, a simple way that (usually private) businesses can donate is to give a small amount for every basic treatment – typically £1. I have clients that donate for every Hygiene appointment, and some that do it for every check up. The patient is made aware in the follow up contact. As you can imagine this generates a lot of money in a simple, subtle but powerful way.

Next week – creating the MAD plan and how to get it right…

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