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What I like about Stella Artois and water.org’s partnership

You may have seen the latest continuation of Stella Artois’ ongoing CSR partnership with water.org, the NGO founded by Matt Damon and Gary White, to pioneer market driven financial solutions to the global water crisis.

The latest initiative includes a SuperBowl ad, and is built around sales of a special edition Stella chalice, or 12 pack purchase. Stella will donate $3.13 to water.org for each sale, up to a maximum of 300,000 chalices during 2018. $3.13 is enough to fund clean water for one person for 5 years, according to the water.org website.

I like this initiative for a few reasons, beyond the fact that water.org has a string track record and results, tackling a fundamental development issue across the globe.

  1. Stella have chosen a cause that fits with their brand. Not perhaps an immediately obvious one for some, but breweries across the developing world are often one of the few industries that create clean drinking water (for brewing beer) as part of their business. In fact the two main breweries that I came across living and working in Tanzania, gave unlimited clean water away from their production plants to the community – a very important source for the local area. And so it makes sense to me for Stella to choose water as one of their causes.

  2. There’s a target and a clear outcome. water.org know what the cost per beneficiary is, and Stella have linked the campaign to a number of people (300,000) that they aim to benefit. Consumers know what their purchase will achieve. Everyone is clear on the outcome.

  3. There’s a two way positive brand building opportunity. water.org are a good choice because of their outcomes, and also because of their celebrity co-founder. Stella are a global brand and need to demonstrate their social responsibility. The partnership creates positive exposure for both.

The only question I have is the capping at 300,000 units. Although water.org will benefit up to circa $1m, I would like to see Stella commit to handing over what I assume is their profit margin for every chalice sale made.

As someone with no inside knowledge of either organisation, for me, it looks good. Good fit, a clear target, a good opportunity for exposure for everyone, and ultimately, a good cause that will benefit.

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