How I can Help You

Running a business today can feel like spinning plates on a rollercoaster - desperately hoping none get dropped. I get it - it's hard to give headspace and time to an area of the business that isn’t currently on fire! 

But long term health, reputation and growth of your business depends on your team, so you ignore creating purpose, engagement and vision at your peril.

I have the experience, skills and commitment to help you. I can take the thinking off your desk and engage your team in a plan they’ll enjoy and that will create results. 

Whatever your size, development stage or budget, we can create a strategy to help you grow with purpose. I work with clients in a range of sectors, from self-employed freelancers to multi-site organisations with thousands of staff.

Here are just some of the ways I can help you.


The CSR Academy

A one-year coaching programme to become a happier, healthier business.

Leadership Confidence Club

A 10 week online programme providing you with straightforward, implementable content to increase your level of leadership confidence.

Your Business Creed

A practical mission statement framework for the 'Start with Why' generation.