Get Started with Sustainability & Responsibility

For dental practices keen to get started, these resources will help you create a solid foundation and begin building your Sustainability & Responsibility legacy.

The CSR Advantage - ebook

How responsibility will help you win the decade's biggest business challenge

  • Demystify CSR once and for all.

  • Learn how to create your professional legacy

  • Gain a competitive advantage through responsibility.

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Sustainability in 60 Minutes

Create a simple and solid Corporate Sustainability & Responsibility plan without needing to be an expert!

So you know that you want to be a more responsible practice. You understand that as well as being the right thing to do, being a sustainable and responsible business is great for you, the environment and your team.

This online, self-learning video course will help you get started.

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The CSR Academy

One year 'done for you' package for busy practices committed to becoming sustainable and responsible.

We deliver a proven way for your practice to succeed by caring for their people, protecting the environment and contributing to their community.


Other Resources

My sister sites and products

Great Boss Academy

The continuous development programme for Bosses that want to be their best.

The Great Boss Academy is a continuous development community for people who recognise the importance of being a Great Boss. It is built around the ‘Great Boss 100’ - a free scorecard with one hundred qualities of a great boss and a great business.

Each of the six categories is an essential element of being a Great Boss and running a great business. The qualities are drawn from a wide range of research studies, authors and leaders in the field. Mastering each category takes you closer to being the Great Boss that you want to be.

Responsible Dentistry Club - launching 2022

A monthly sustainability and responsibility action plan for your practice.

Running a practice is busy enough without adding more work. So if you want to be a more sustainable and responsible practice, how can you take positive steps without the knowledge you need?

Responsible Dentistry is a new online support programme with simple steps to follow each month. It builds to help you achieve Bronze, Silver, and eventually Gold Dental CSR Certification, as well as giving you tools to authentically communicate your sustainability credentials.


Create a CSR Plan without needing to be an expert

Start your CSR journey now, with our free guide to creating a simple CSR plan in just an hour.

To receive your free '60 Minute CSR Plan' and my regular community updates with useful tips, articles and stories that I've personally selected to help you, click below. My role is to help you make CSR a successful, value-creating part of your business.

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