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Our Sustainability & Responsibility


People, Environment, Community

As a business that helps others to tackle their sustainability and responsibility challenges, it's vital that we follow our own advice. As a virtual company which uses partners to deliver many of our functions, there are still core commitments we can make to act responsibility. To this end, we have achieved the Gold Standard Certification for Virtual Businesses (Dental Industry CSR). We are also working towards B-Corp Certification.


People & Ethics

As well as policies to ensure we go beyond compliance with our legal obligations, we also ensure that we do everything necessary to act ethically and transparently. Any partner affiliations/fees or rewards gained from introductions or recommendations are made explicit in written and verbal communication, mistakes are acknowledged and corrected promptly. Unethical conduct is confronted.

All suppliers are paid within the time scale of their terms.

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Environment & Sustainability

Our biggest challenge as a virtual business is emissions. Our travel policy is to use public transport (mainly trains and taxis) wherever possible. We offset the small number of business miles travelled by car each year. Unless we need to cross a body of water, we don't fly, and and all flights that we do have to take are offset.

Our energy and that of our contractors is from renewable sources, and our office is lit by LED lighting. Equipment goes through a full power-down at the end of the day.

Waste is recycled and we request zero-waste catering for training and workshop sessions that we hold.

We use as many ‘green’ products as possible, and carefully select the suppliers we work with, favouring independents and those committed to our CSR standards. Finally, we make monthly donations to plant trees and we are proud to be a more:trees member.

Charity & Community

As an integral aspect of our business strategy, we are committed to not just supporting, but leveraging our skills, resources and networks to add value to the work of our chosen charities.

We set aside a percentage of profit to donate, and a percentage of our time to use our skills. 

Chosen Charities

Gold for Kids - we provide strategic support and dedicated project time to help this new and exciting charity to expand its reach. Gold for Kids helps Dentists to make a difference for children in need by turning the restorations they remove from patients into gold and then cash. They are a great fit because of our expertise in the dental sector.

Stop the Traffik - we donate funds and leverage our contact with clients to support their work in stopping Human Trafficking and Modern Slavery. 

The charity takes an  intelligence-led preventative approach, raising awareness, disrupting networks, and building resilience in communities. They are a great fit because we can use our influence to expand the network of businesses that follow their guidance.

Image by Salman Hossain Saif