What is CSR?

Corporate Social Responsibility means running your business based on clear, committed and unchanging commitments. The commitments are grouped into three pillars.

People & Ethics

The goal of a responsible business should be to create a positive and purposeful workplace - somewhere people love to work. Engaged teams are more productive and profitable. The way to do this is by developing strong leadership and communication skills and prioritising team development and team wellbeing.

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Environment & Sustainability

This is something that currently matters a great deal to 90% of consumers, and the good news is that new solutions are developing every day.

Modern businesses can thrive with an understanding of sustainability and environmental responsibility. There’s a lot we can do together to limit our environmental footprint in a responsible way.


Community & Charity

Charity and community partnerships are the key to a business that does good, and a team that feels good. By working with local, national and international charities we can create a partnership between business and community, and make a real contribution that goes beyond the occasional donation whilst building your reputation authentically.


If these things have you nodding about the kind of business you want to be or work in, then read on, because we will show you how.

I created The CSR Coach System to provide a workable model for businesses to grow with a sense of purpose and responsibility. By developing a comprehensive approach to CSR, you can help both your own business and your community. The CSR Coach System is a straightforward approach that can be applied to businesses and organisations of any size.